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“From Architecture, Art , and the Sense of All”

The 2025 edition of the New York Latin American Art Triennial aims to analyze the relationship between contemporary art and architecture. Also explore beauty through utility, a characteristic that makes it art, due to the need to express feelings and emotions that can perfectly come from a structure, building, or a work of art. Focusing the samples on The relationship between architecture, art, and intrinsic character, when the function of the structure is not considered but rather the meaning within an environment and time that frame a cultural meaning.

Typically considered as separate entities acting individually, the senses tend to work in synergies to inform each other of a cohesive experience. The distinguished contribution of each sense resulting in a holistic immersion is a concept known as Phenomenology. Sensory cues induce emotive characteristics in a space. These can be visual, auditory, olfactory, environmental, or haptic signals of any nature. The term has been used to describe the instinctive response evoked by the interplay of architectural elements such as form, material, scale and proportion, light and shadow, color, construction methods, etc. The contribution of each sense is equal in power, but unique in character.

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