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Now you can apply to NYLAAT 2025

Requirements and Conditions to Participate:

 1- Artists or collective of Latin American artists residing in any country on the planet may participate. They must 18 years of age or older.

2- Each proposal by artist or artistic collective must be accompanied by a text of 250 words which explains the connection that exists between the proposed work and the topic that we are addressing in this Triennial Edition 2025.

3- Complete Participation Form (personal information, CV, Images of the works, technical sheets, etc.)

4- All techniques will be considered and all fine art categories (painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography, video, video installation, installation, performances, etc.) can be submitted.

5- Proposals by artists participating in the Triennial of Latin American Art in New York 2022 Edition will not be accepted.

6- It is required that the works are in a condition to be exhibited and prepared with a system that facilitates their assembly and exhibition. If necessary, detailed instructions will be requested from the artist for its installation. Artists who include sound in their works (videos, sound works, installations, etc.) will have to consider including the use of headphones. Works that, at the Committee’s discretion, present some type of risk to the physical integrity of the attending public or third parties will not be accepted.

7- The artists accepted to participate must be responsible for the cost of shipping and return of the works. In the case of artists residing in New York City, or those who reside in the United States and have the possibility of hand delivering and personally picking up the work(s), they can do so with prior coordination with the organizers.

8- The organizers of the NYLAAT are not responsible for damage to the works under any circumstances. We do not demand that the works must be insured but we respect personal criteria in case the artist considers it pertinent. The organizers of NYLAAT 2025 are committed to do care and protection of the works.





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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload in PDF format (Maximum 20MB) Only in case you don't have a website.
Studies / 5 personal exhibitions / 5 group exhibitions / 5 awards, mentions or scholarships. Please share your information with us in the following order: Year, Show name, Gallery or event name, City, Country.
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You can submit 3 proposals maximum.
Briefly explain how your artistic proposal is related to the theme of this 2022 edition of the Triennial (Maximum 250 words)

Work No.1

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(The maximum size per image is 1MB)
(Height x Width x Depth)
Share with us the direct link of your proposal, please make sure you do not have a password.
Works that include sound (videos, sound works, installations, etc.) must include the use of headphones. Works that, at the discretion of the organizing committee, present some type of risk to the physical integrity of the attending public or third parties will not be accepted.

Work No. 2

Work No. 3


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