“Sit with Me, Sit with Us”

The 100+ Chairs Public Engagement Project

Exhibition: August 12th – 27th, 2023

Location: Governors Island at the front lawn of the 405-B Colonels Row NYLAAT-PTM Contemporary Project Space.

Opening Reception: Saturday August 12th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM


NYLAAT-PTM Contemporary in partnership with SunflowerThingz are pleased to announce a call for  artists, designers, art students, architects, and art enthusiasts to apply for the upcoming fundraising public engagement project entitled, “Sit with Me, Sit with Us”. This project is inspired by a moment of observation of something as simple as a Chair. Yes, a chair; in a nutshell, an object you can sit on. The question asked was, “what does this chair mean to me?” If I sit here in this moment with what I am feeling or what I have experienced, did someone else sit here and feel the same? This project aims to explore emotional sentiments, a memory that shaped a moment in time. The idea is to connect with the natural environment of Governors island. This interactive project welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds, struggles, and stories to share, and sit in each others’ chair. 

The guidelines are simple: decorate, paint, manipulate, intervene, create a chair: do whatever you want as long as it’s your chair and it tells a story. The chair must portray a story of some sort or bring out something that will help others connect with who you are and what you want to show. All artworks will be displayed in carefully curated exhibitions, where the visitors and art enthusiasts can not only appreciate the beauty and depth of the artworks but also contribute to the experience we try to convey. The exhibitions will take place in NYLAAT-PTM Contemporary’s front lawn located at 405-B Colonels Row, Governors Island.



– Artworks reviewing for this project: Manipulated, Painted, Altered, Created, regular size Chairs. 

– Participation fee $15.


– All Chairs/artworks must be deliver in person

Delivery and Installation dates: Thursday August 10th and Friday August 11th from 1PM to 5PM. Governors Island at the front lawn of the 405-B Colonels Row.

Opening Reception: Saturday August 12th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM  

– All artworks must be submitted with a picture, artist’s name, title, medium, technique, and year of creation.  

– Artworks can be for sale. All sales are to be arranged by the artist.

– Artists can participate with more than one Chair but have to cover the $15 participation fee for each Chair and submit separately.

– Artists are responsible for removing the artwork from the exhibition. De-installation dates August 27th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and August 28th from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

– The organizer and curators of this project are not responsible for any damage to artwork during the exhibition, or transportation processes. While utmost care will be taken to ensure the safety and preservation of the artworks, it is important to acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances or accidents can occur. Artists are advised to package their artworks securely and consider insurance coverage if deemed necessary. The organizers will handle the submitted artworks with the utmost professionalism and care, but they cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur.

To minimize any potential risks, the organizers will follow best practices in handling and displaying the artworks. They will employ professional handling techniques, provide adequate security measures, and take necessary precautions during transportation and installation. Furthermore, artists are encouraged to provide accurate and detailed information about their artworks, including any specific handling instructions or fragility concerns, to assist the organizers in ensuring proper care.

By participating in this project, artists acknowledge and accept that the organizer and curators cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to their artworks. It is the responsibility of each artist to assess the risks and take appropriate measures to protect their artworks throughout the entire process. Please note that the organizers will make every effort to create a safe and secure environment for the artworks, and they value the trust and collaboration of the participating artists. Together, let us ensure a successful and impactful exhibition while prioritizing the protection and preservation of the artistic creations.


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