Body and IdentityIdentity

Body and IdentityIdentity

Organized By:

Ezequiel Taveras Art Foundation

Curated By:

Ezequiel Taveras

Start Date:

May 11, 2024

End Date:

June 30, 2024

Opening Reception Date:

May 11, 2024

The body and identity, two intricate nodes of human reflection, have evolved over time, acquiring changing meanings. The body, more than a defined entity, manifests an inherent dialectic and gradual metamorphoses, influencing the construction of identity. From philosophical perspectives such as Paul Valéry’s theory of the three bodies and a fourth body, to Michel Foucault’s analysis of the disciplined body in capitalist society, the complexities of this relationship are explored.

Identity, conceived in the 20th century, transcends sexual boundaries, embodying multiple facets of human experience influenced by consumer culture. It is shaped at the intersection of influences and daily choices, like walking on a Möbius strip, where internal and external factors intertwine to configure it. The Dominican diaspora in New York, despite its numerical significance, remains underrepresented in the arts and culture, which this project aims to address.

The project on contemporary Dominican graphic art, based on texts written by women about the body and identity, seeks to highlight the significant presence of Dominican artists in New York’s cultural scene and explore the link between their artistic identity and their community. It aims to foster appreciation of the artistic richness within the Dominican community, recognizing its potential to enrich the city’s cultural diversity and promote a perceptual and evaluative shift in society towards underlying and yet-to-be-recognized artistic expressions.

Artists List

Alex Guerrero
Alex Fernandez
América Rodríguez
Ariane Nicollier
Angelica Hernandez
Carly Mock
Delio Delgado
Dulcina Abreu
Ezequiel Taveras
Fidel Lopez
Grecia Portoreal
Carla Perez
Gustavo Fermin
Homero Herrera Chez
Iliana García
Joiri Minaya
Jose Morban
Julio Cesar Guillen
Julio Valdez
Laura Arminda
Leonardo Duran
Lizette Nin
Luanda Lozano
Luis Valverde
Luz Severino
Madelin Jiménez
Marcia Guerrero
Mary Cordero
Malla Oviedo
Miguel Luciano
Miguel Ramirez
Miki Vicioso
Moses Ross
Nara Winston
Natali Rodriguez
Nathalie Landestoy
Nelson Ceballos
Niuka Guzmán
Paloma Obergh
Patricia Encarnacion
Pepe Coronado
Rene de los Santos
Dario Olega
Rosa Tavarez
Ruben Carrasco
Scherezade García
Yelaine Rodríguez
Yessica Montero
Vanezza Cruz
Wildriana Paulino