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Short History

The New York Latin American Art Triennial is the product of the need to evolve, an art project that was born in 2008 with the Bronx Latin American Art Biennial. From the beginning and under the support of the Bronx Hispanic Festival, the main objective is to stimulate creative work in order to elevate contemporary Latin American art. The purpose of the creation of the NYLAAT was to foster a platform for the exhibition and recognition of Latin American artists inside and outside the United States. The NYLAAT favors an illustrative need that reflects social concerns through art, being a space for discussion, reconfiguration of proposals and trends.

It is an international event that takes place every three years. It consists of multiple large-format exhibitions, which have had the participation of more than 800 artists, conferences and urban interventions. Local and international artists are selected to participate with samples of contemporary productions (paintings, sculpture, photography, performances, installations, videos, interventions on public roads, etc.), which become centers of interest; Due to the fact that they exhibit the most advanced and the most representative of each country, to provoke polemics, discussions, analysis of issues related to the environment, politics, social, immigration, etc. and theoretical debates on contemporary art, which dialogue with the theme generally chosen by curators. The Latin American Art Triennial in New York intends to continue expanding this legacy, investing its extensive experience in projects developed in the Latin American context.


The New York Latin American Art Triennial is dedicated to organizing exhibitions of contemporary art and cultural programming through which it seeks to promote and enrich our Latin American culture. These exhibitions are intended to provide diverse educational programs that allow a place to engage with contemporary art expressions and investigate a deeper understanding of its role in society. We believe in the fundamental role of education and advocacy through art and in the preservation of the artistic and historic cultural legacies of the Latin American and Caribbean region. The New York Latin American Art Triennial seeks to galvanize the cultural landscape of the communities, complement the academic and visual arts programs of the galleries and institutions, and foster a wider appreciation of contemporary art and cultural understanding.


Pre-Columbians, African, European Influences and the Compulsive change of the contemporary era.

Our Staff

Luis Stephenberg


Alexis Mendoza

Chief Curator

Naivy Perez

Operation & Logistics

Wendy Gonzalez

Media & Communications

Clara Lopera Sanchez


Julia Justo


Yaudel Estenoz



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